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That is not a surprise to see the motion pictures in three-dimensional space nowadays. We are going to the cinemas where 3D films and cartoons are shown on the big screen, playing the games with detailed graphic and passing the enormous billboards on which we can see animated commercials. 3D animation is not the top of graphical design means and opportunities today, but still, it is the most commonplace cinematic visualization.  Modern technologies are developing, and people are looking for more innovation products and more realistic images.

Let’s Get In ‘Tech’ of 3D Animation

“3D animation production is a rather expensive technology”, they say. “Why order the three-dimensional visualization if there are 2D cinematic tools?”, they say. If somebody is saying these words, it means he or she does not know anything about technology. WOW-HOW 3D animation studio wants to shed some light on your understanding of the issue.

3D ANIMATION | WOW-HOWThere are a lot of pros of 3D visualization usage and no easily discernible cons. Our team of illustrators and animators is keen on doing 3D projects and does it well. They declare that the benefits of three-dimensional images are as follows:

  • 3D images can be treated as real objects. You can look at them from different angles and the image still remains in three-dimensional space.
  • 3D elements can be put in the video footage seamlessly, so you will not distinguish them from the real object on the film.
  • You don’t need to draw the picture frame by frame with pen or pencil. All necessary tools are in a computer program.
  • Movements of the modeling objects are clear, smooth and lifelike.
  • Opposite to the ‘informed person’s’ opinion, 3D animation can be cheaper than 2D visualization due to the fact that 3D models can be reused in other projects or those following the precise order. It depends on the required end product; if the client wants to create something entirely new for his business or project, the animator may need to create a unique, original model.
  • This type of visualization gives high quality and modern vision to the project.
  • The last but not the least advantage is that people like 3D images!

Now you can see the real profit of it. That is why 3D animation production is very popular today! We strive to keep up with the times and recommend you to try this kind of cinematic design. As for this purpose, we have an incredible animator team and great illustrators’ crew.

3D Animation Services of WOW-HOW Studio

Knowing the benefits and advantages of three-dimensional design and animation, you might want to have it for your business. We may offer you the next sphere of 3D visualization which our brilliant team of experts can easily do for you:

  1. Game creation.

Animators and graphical designers of WOW-HOW studio create your games in several steps. First, they do modeling of game levels, then they work out icons and the interface and afterwards, thoroughly visualize locations and characters. We can make a 3D game out of the 2D sample or the existing one, and even combine the techniques if it is necessary.

  1. Logo 3D animation.

We produce logos for different clients and all of them are more than satisfied with the result. A logo is the face of the company, and the recent trend requires logos to get more dynamic. Many popular companies make their logos come alive, and our graphical designers and illustrators can make you one-of-a-kind logo of your dreams!

  1. Explainer animated videos.

Imagine how informative an explainer material can be if it is animated in 3D space. The shapes and the movements are clear and traceable enough to explain all the moving factors and ideas of the video. An image can tell more – an animation can reveal everything!

  1. Cartoon and film editing.

Our 3D animation company offers you the helping hand in the multiplication or movie editing as well as footage rendering and script writing. Here you can have full freedom to bring your images and ideas to life. Our experienced and ambitious editors, animators and script writers are at your service at any time!

If you still have some questions or do not know how to start, we recommend you to contact our managers, and we will give a piece of advice and consult you on any issues. We discuss and analyze the task with you for free and are ready to give further supporting assistance if you need one.

Let’s leave the 2D animation on the drawing board and show our ideas with the help of the unique 3D vision so that the viewers may say, ‘Wow, how beautiful and charming it is!’ while watching your animated material.

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